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Clearance shows.

I’ve been tuning in and out of the clearance shows, so I have not seen an entire show on any brand. I’m into March Madness! What I have noticed is the items I’ve seen have not been top rated. Seems if they are clearing spring inventory there would be some top rated items. Perhaps those have all sold out.
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Re: Clearance shows.

I saw alot of things I wouldn't even buy if they were 75% off.....most with not so great reviews....


I am sure there are a few bargains out there though....

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Re: Clearance shows.

And what I saw on "clearance" was about $20 too high---for a  clearance price---the Q still has problems figuring our what a clearance should be. With taxes and shipping--there is no bargain for me. Comes out to be maybe a couple dollars saved---really? No  thanks !!