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On 3/23/2015 redngold said:

Carolyn is a beautiful woman and a genuine host that never tries too hard. Her weight is her own business.

Not when you work on teevee, it isn't. And I don't see ANY weight loss by Carolyn.

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r u kidding... she had work done, no weight loss

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Love Carolyn's hair, but most times she looks like she is gaining weight. I know TV can add pounds, but she claims she has a personal trainer. Her Capri's and some crop jackets are not for her.

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OP you're kidding right?

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Those on TV who have had face work done usually do change the way they wear their hair. This distracts people and they give the credit in appearance to their hairdo instead of their face work. If Carolyn has work done, it would only be botox. She doesn't even need fillers. And why would she get botox when her new haircut covers her forehead? She is a very pretty woman. I don't think anything detracts from that.

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Grace K, you said it perfectly! No one looks good in clothes that are too small for them.
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I love her new hair style and highlights. She looks really beautiful with her hair cut and styled as it is. I didn't notice any difference in her weight but I wasn't looking. I like how she looks exactly right now. They all don't have to be thin to hosts.

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First let me state I really like Carolyn and I don't care if she weighs 110 or 210 pounds. She is a pleasant host and does her job well.

But about that hair. I loved her hair right after Maria McCool first cut it--when it was a little longer on top, swept to the side and short in the back. Now, it appears she has what I feel is a non-style style. But I know it is just my preference. I like either wildly curly hair, sleek straight hair or precision cut geometric styles.

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Caroline does not discuss my weight, and I don't discuss her's. She is a lovely woman that I enjoy watching.
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I like Carolyn but I usually don't see her that often because I don't watch Denim & Co. Shows. I do love her new hairstyle it is so becoming on her. I think even though you may be a little overweight, sometimes wearing fitted (not tight) clothes is more flattering to the figure. But no matter what she wears, I think from what I've seen, she's one of the best hosts on QVC. Some of the newer hosts can certainly learn something from her.