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Totally agree! That is so gross!!

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@LancerHawkFriar wrote:

Totally agree! That is so gross!!

But not anywhere near as gross a seeing crusty heels 😱😫 in a pair of open shoes or sandals!Lol.   

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I agree it is sort of gross.  But since we all deal with dry feet, it is an effective way to sell the Emjoi.  I own this device and the Emjoi is very helpful especially during the summer.  My feet have never been so smooth.

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I was wonder struck the first few times I saw this demo. It convinced me to buy and try. I liked the product so much I gave several for gifts last Christmas, and everybody loved them.


I get that it can gross some out, this particular item just doesn't hit my hot button for annoyance. Now, if they ever bring in an item that trims men's bushy eyebrows, I'm outta here! Woman LOL

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@MaggieMack wrote:

... Now, if they ever bring in an item that trims men's bushy eyebrows, I'm outta here! Woman LOL




Or nose hair clippers!!!    AAAAAcccccckkkkkkk!!


I'd rather see a simulated demo than a host's or vendor's scaly foot, but it's really a moot point for me because I only watch LDO once in a while!

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Re: Callous Removal - GROSS

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I agree with OP. I was thinking-- couldn't the inventor of the product have thought of a way to have the shavings collect inside the device? Then you could empty them into the trash. It's a similar concept to a pencil sharpener or electric razor.

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I agree that there are some things better off doing in private .... even if only showing how to use the product, it's gross to watch.  And even being diligent doing this, the crusty yuck grows back.... that's why she always has new stuff to get rid of.   I find that discouraging..... 

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