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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

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I ordered two different Marc Charles' items on April 23 from the ITKWD show.  Haven't arrived yet.  These are items not available elsewhere.  If they were, I would have ordered elsewhere and received free shipping and faster shipping.   Items I ordered several days later from other websites are already here and in use. 

I liked the omelette maker MC showed Suday and ordered it from Amazon. It's cheaper (no tax or shipping) and I have had it working in my kitchen since Tuesday. 30 years of the same 7-10 day shipping program is not the hallmark of a progressive company.

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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

I don't understand their sales strategies at all....refusing to offer free shipping most of the time, and no discount promo codes like other online retailers.  Example:  I needed to replace some undergarments.  Today after checking online I ordered from Soma two beautiful and well made (I've purchased that brand before) bras and 8 pair of lovely panties.  A little over $140, but with the 15% promo code they sent me, a sizeable discount on buying at least 6 of the panties, and free shipping....I paid $92.  I would have paid that for 2 bras from the Q...ones that were not as pretty or well made.  Most people are going to give their business to the retailer who can offer a great product at a great price.  Q comes up short in that area too often.

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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

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Women's clothes are "flat" as QVC competes with troubled chain stores' discount sales, but "I think we have some good areas for growth in fashion," George added.


Sales will continue to be "flat" until the Q starts marketing to women who are not seniors.  Women who are in their 20's and 30's will not wear the Q's clothes or most of thier "comfort" shoes.  They wear dresses well above their knees and short shorts, 2 piece swim suits, and 4 inch heals.  The Q refuses to market to these women.  Yet there are many stay at home moms who could watch the Q but won't.  Shawn dressing like these women is not enough.  The Q needs to sell to them as well.  

Wome in their 20s and 30s wear mostly gym clothes and cheap high fashion clothes.  And they aren't going to sit and watch tv to buy them either.  

Plus the Q has reported 93% of their business is "loyal" customers, not new customers.

@febe1  You know what irks me when the hosts make a special comment regarding how many NEW QVC customers were added during their show....(perhaps they get a bonus or something)....BUT WHAT ABOUT THEIR "LOYAL" CUSTOMERS.....big deal they offer EZ Pay (that doesn't reduce the price) or a ridiculous "featured" price where you can save a WHOPPING $1.24 to $3.54 off their regular QVC price!!!  Why don't they give special promotions to "loyal" customers.....I get emails, and catalogs offering me REAL DEALS for being a returning customer!!! 

Just as a very small example I've noticed, @Spurt: when you receive a package from HSN, they always put extra something or other in the package, be it a sample perfume, brochures from them. The last package I received from HSN they had a sample small pkg. of Quaker Oats new oatmeal crisps to try (three of them). They were good too, and I bought them the next time at the grocers. And I regularly get 10 or 20% on any item with no minimum charge. I usually can find something I would like. Smiley Happy What it all just says is thanks for being our customer. So much better than an EZ Pay.

@febe1  What??? You didn't get the sample packets of ketchup they were sending with their packages a few months ago?? 😆😆😂😂 That took some real planning to think of something like that! Lol. 

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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

Amen! There are discussions here all the time about how boring, repetitive, expensive, yet limited QVC has become. How long has it been since I was excited about a TSV? Years, probably nearly two decades. I've seen similar sentiments expressed by others. So when I read about QVC muckety mucks wringing their hands over slowing sales, I think, "Oh, well!" They won't be able to say they weren't warned.

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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

Susan Graver is shoved down your throat.  Three or four times a week this women

is on with her expensive clothes.  If she is on the TV goes off.  Also the TSV is on

constantly with full hours throughout the day.  If you don't want the product one

time when shown we don't want it at the end of the 24 hours either.  This was never

done this way 10 years ago and in place other products were shown then.  Same

thing over and over.  Shipping has really gone up.  To return a ring is $7.00 your

way.  I returned one my way (post office) and it was less then $3.00.  

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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

I'm retired now, but in my experience from working in the workforce, there is a vast amount of difference between leaders who are there because they really believe in, and want what best for the company, verses those who are there who's main objective is lining their own pockets.  QVC's management appears, from their lack of responding to their customer comments, to be the later.  They just, through their lack of actions, don't care about the future of QVC.

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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

@Kachina624 wrote:

HELLO MIKE GEORGE.....Just ask us and we'll be glad to tell you what's wrong.  Without all the fancy MBA jargon too.

@Kachina624  OMG...   you just gave me the best laugh, and made me want to HUG YOU at the same time.  Short and sweet, couldn't have said it better!

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Re: CEO Talks About Slow Sales

Looks like it's time to drain the swamp.