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I learned to sew many, many years ago and we learned how to adjust bust darts to fit.  Was always told the dart should point to the "fullest part of the bust."  (Why do I remember that???  lol  I haven't sewn anything in years.)


Agree that in mass-produced items, it is difficult to get the darts to fit everyone.  Even when the models wear items with bust darts, they sometimes aren't in the right place.


I do appreciate some of the designers trying!

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Another large-busted lady here who hates those side darts—if they made them a little shorter and properly finished the points/ends, I think they might be more helpful for more women. It's frustrating when they're poking upward at the sides of your breasts and aren't even centered.

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And that is why shopping channels sell mostly clothing that is either stretchy or loose. That's the only way to fit the masses.

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@Nancy Drew 1 wrote:

@faeriemoon wrote:

Coming from someone who has big boobs, I detest bust darts.  Another old lady feature of clothing.  


I recently used the "old lady" comment on antoher thread and was challenged to defend it.


Sorry, I won't.  Bust darts are old lady.


(I am not a spring chicken.)

If you mean me, I am sorry. I pretty much love free speech. I don’t even find the term offensive. Just not a fan of the term. Again I am sorry if you felt you had to defend it. You don’t. @faeriemoon 

@Nancy Drew 1 Don't worry about it!!  And I don't think it was you... Heart

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