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I'm one of those who've never received any of the free merchandise or things that they've sent to "select" customers.


But maybe a month ago?  While we were in the middle of a major reno project, I was amazed to see an email from QVC telling me that they were giving me a $5 coupon!


I always check my emails first thing in the morning, but didn't get back to check them again until very late that night.


Only problem?  It was only good till 11:59 PM and I was about a minute past that.  I also thought it was odd that they didn't send it out until nearly 7 PM, so narrowing the useable timeslot even more.  Did they not actually want me to use it?  Jeez, it was only  $5 and the first "perk" I can remember getting in decades.  I almost emailed them about it, but decided I couldn't be bothered.  Woman Frustrated


(I get much better perks and coupons from Kohl's.  Like every birthday and anniversary:  $10 off any purchase, no minimum spend amount.)


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@luvzchiz wrote:

I never received the mugs, candy, or coupons from QVC.  I guess since I am a "power shopper" they don't have to reward me.   Free S & H on tsv would be a winner though.  


@luvzchiz    Some people get $15., coupons.  I've been notified that I've been shipped a 1oz (tiny) tube of Clinique Foaming Facial Cleanser.  Guess who's the big winner.

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I have not ordered from the Q in 10 years, few years ago they sent me a $10 off of $25 coupon in the mail, with no exp date, still sitting on my computer desk. 

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My sister got a coupon a few days ago, I did not. Everyone should receive

one even if its in your email.

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I received a 10.00 credit a month ago that I've already used.  I'm a frequent buyer.  It was a nice surprise.

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@kaydee50 good for you!

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I saw this thread in the morning and reflected on the fact that I'm also in the group that has never gotten any swag (which I'm fine with) or coupons (which would be nice). But out of the blue, I actually got a brochure from QVC in the mail today, so I eagerly opened it to see if a coupon was inside. Nope. Just a random advertisement for a few upcoming shows and some host picks.



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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

I received a 5.00 credit a month ago that I've already used.  I'm a frequent buyer.  It was a nice surprise.

That must be the one I got, but not in time to use it.  (See my previous post.)  A five-hour window wasn't really much of a perk.  I don't keep checking my emails every hour of the day.

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I did get the flyer with$15 off of $50.  A month or two ago I got a $5 credit when I purchased a pair of Susan graver pants.  Auto applied I didn’t even have a code.  First I ever remember that!  I couldn’t believe it.  I bought a top and a Diamonique ring on free shipping day, both arrived today.