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Why does QVC take down every bit of Christmas decorations the day after Christmas?      what happened to the 12 days of Christmas ??

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Not just QVC.  But hasn't it always been this way?

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Husband &  I took down & put away everything this morning.  Glad to have the house back to normal.

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I always put off taking down the decorations as long as I can. Everything looks so pretty now,

and when everything is gone it looks kind of blah.My decorations will be up for another two weeks.

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The selling season is over.  They are moving onto the next selling event.

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Huh?    Granted, we are still celebrating Christmas but Q v c is a retailer.  The shopping frenzy is over for retailers.  It's time for clearance and hearing up for selling Spring items.









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I'm so happy for the next 6 months without Christmas.  And then?  CIJ, for sure.

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They have been up since October,


and celebrating Christmas since July,

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The Q could at least keep them up for today.


I hate seeing Christmas trees out by the curb on the 26th

( or worse on the 25). Why bother to put them up if you don't want to look at them.  Better yet, don't put them up so early if you have to take them down on Christmas Day.

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Agree completely, Colliegirls!! I find it so sad to see trees out by the curb Dec 26. Mine stay up until Jan 6 I enjoy seeing it all and hate it when everything is put away and so bare.