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I haven't lived near family for nearly 60 years now, and when more of my family was still alive to celebrate, we observed lots of holidays and birthdays whenever we could get ourselves together.  What the rest of the world thought about when and how we celebrated.  Really irrelevant.

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@colliegirls wrote:

The Q could at least keep them up for today.


I hate seeing Christmas trees out by the curb on the 26th

( or worse on the 25). Why bother to put them up if you don't want to look at them.  Better yet, don't put them up so early if you have to take them down on Christmas Day.

One explanation from my own experience having a live tree and putting it out early -- we were newly married and wanted to put up a tree but were leaving home on the 24th for a week to spend Christmas with parents. We were nervous about leaving an increasingly dried out tree unattended. I did put a note "free tree" on the tree. Edited to add that the next couple of years we did skip the tree. I quit buying fresh trees when I could no longer get ones that would last a few weeks without dropping needles. 

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@Momofdogs wrote:

Why does QVC take down every bit of Christmas decorations the day after Christmas?      what happened to the 12 days of Christmas ??

Actually, the few times I checked the Q today, the trees were still up on the set!

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I think way too many people rush the seasons. The Christmas decor goes up right after Halloween, and by the time Christmas Day appears, people are tired of it.


I, for one, do celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. I enjoy my beautiful decorations till the Epiphany (and often, beyond).


I keep my snowmen out till spring.

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For some odd reason, there are people who think the 12 Days of Christmas come BEFORE, not after, Christmas............

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While I personally keep my tree and decorations up until the new year, QVC is like many other retail stores.. I was in Costco yesterday, and you wouldn't even know they had had Christmas decorations, trees, gift towers, etc there just a day before.  

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