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If you have pets....I read the TSV can be toxic to them.....just a heads up...

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Actually , they are also toxic to people if you get the sap on your skin. When you trim them you MUST wear rubber gloves.

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A huge percentage of flora are toxic to cats and dogs.  Everyone should make sure to check with their vet or check on-line before purchasing plants.

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Toxic to kids I imagine too. Thanks for the heads up. Is up to the consumer I guess to educate oneself as to any hazards or contraindications before buying a product. They also don't tell you on presentations that the Nuface  is not supposed to be used on persons with Pacemakers....some other products too have cautions but is not mentioned on air. Ever since the Nuface I educate myself on products before I bring them home. Is so cold today I'm not iin the mood for flowers or plants so no lily for me....LOL