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Anyone have any experience with a dog on rimadyl? Mine has been on it for pain from a cancerous tumor. The tumor was removed but caused damage to the surrounding tissues and ongoing pain. He's been on it steady for about 2 weeks and today he has severe diarrhea & is very lethargic. I have some meds to stop the diarrhea. I am thinking he might not be able to take rimadyl anymore. I don't know what we will use for pain. The vet says there is a similiar alternative that sometimes works. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this?


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I’m so sorry that you are going through this.  My lab mix was on Rymadyl for cancer pain a few years ago and fortunately had no issues with it.  A couple of thoughts:  ask the vet if a lower dose could alleviate still symptoms while also relieving pain. And,  If your vet thinks another medication might work, and maybe combined with something else?, it would be worth a try.  For me, quality of life with pets tops everything.  Wishing you the best with your dear dog.

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Rimadyl did not work for my dog.  She was so spacey and got diahrea also.  Every time I went to the vet I had to remind him no rimadyl.  I felt so sorry for her, just wasn't able to keep her balance either.  Awful stuff.  I don't remember what he gave her in place of rimadyl.  Just if she has pain on another visit remind the vet no rimadyl because it is their go to pain reliever.

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I'm sorry to hear about your dog. We have used Rimadyl in the past with several of our dogs and if I remember correctly ony 1 of our dogs had issue with it. We have also used Tramadol which is a "person" pain medication and Duramax with great pain relief from both for you dogs. 

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One of my goldens had cancer and she was on Rimadyl everyday for the last several months of her life. She would have otherwise suffered with a lot of pain. She seemed to be fine with taking it.

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after reading the previous post, I suggest asking your vet specifically about Duramax and Tramadol.  I have learned that I need to be proactive and that neither doctors nor vets have all the answers right at their fingertips.  You and the vet are a team in caring for your dog.

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Years ago my little Pekingese was on it and it made a world of difference.  He went from being a lethargic senior dog to a little puppy almost overnight.  I never noticed any negative side effects.  That sweet little boy lived 14 years.  He crossed the rainbow bridge back in 2003 and his memory crosses my mind almost daily to this day.

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My 11 1/2;year old beagle is on Gabapentin. Her soft tissue sarcoma has grown back after surgery and chemo. The vet told us that this medication is well tolerated by most dogs and relaxes them. There are analgesic benefits too. My beagle seems to be doing well on it. We'll stay with it for as long as we have our pup..

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Years ago, I used Rimadyl with my aging greyhound.  My vet always made sure we did bloodwork every couple months to check for either liver or kidney damage - can't remember exactly which one. 

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@Renata22 Ask your vet about Piroxicam.  It is another NSAID that provides pain relief.  Gabapentin can also be given for pain relief, but isn't an anti-inflammatory.  It can be given in conjunction with an NSAID.