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Scary!!  This thread brings back my own frightening experiences. I have owned two dogs and one cat and loved each animal dearly.  Unfortunately, my frightening experiences happened with other dogs.  Those scary situations changed me forever.  Please please, for the sake of life and limb, keep your dogs confined and controlled.  If you have an aggressive animal and can't control him/her, dare I say, they need to be put down before an awful accident happens.

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We have a dog that jumps on people and barks. He's a husky. It's not aggressive, BUT it's our responsibility to make sure he doesn't frighten other people or scrape them w/his claws. 


It's not just big loose dogs, but also dogs on leashes.  Several times when I had my greyhound and walked him at my apartment, people with little dogs would let them run up to my grey and wind their leashes around his legs. I was so angry at one owner that I grabbed the dog's leash and pulled him away from my dog....he sailed thru the air since I wasn't used to such a small dog. The stupid owner just kept talking away.


I sure hope this was a one time occurence w/you and your neighbors dog. I don't blame you for doing what you have to do to be safe ....on your own property. 

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I LOVE all CREATURES - ALL...Great and Small....

That said, I live in Philthadelphia and wild, unruly kids aren't the only hazard - the unleashed or silly retractable leashes are common, and put people at risk. 


When I walk - I have my bear mase. I'd hate to use it - but I'd hate being hospitalized more.

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I have a 100lb+ Rottweiler.  I love dogs and can read their body language pretty well.


But if my dog got loose from me and proceeded to run to a stranger, bark and jump on them, I would be mortified.  Even if the dog was being friendly.  I would consider myself extremely lucky if that person did not press charges. That stranger has no idea what my dog is like, be it a Chihuahua or Great Dane.


I know that things can happen and dogs can get loose, get excited and not mind. But I can’t imagine the owner not saying a word about it.  I sure as heck would do everything in my power to make sure it never happened again.  And if it did, I’d be prepared for the worst for my dog. 

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@Witchy Woman 


My first thought was that you need a big stick to use on the owner. Then I calmed down. People need to manage their dogs and you should not have to defend yourself in your yard like that.


It sounds like the dog was being friendly. That does not justify it being out of the owner's control and it does not replace how the owner should have apologised profusely to you.



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@geezeretteand others....


I didn't have my glasses on and the person calling the dog was standing a distance away in the trees. 


She sounded young to me, so perhaps it was a daughter rather than adult.  As I said, we are back in the woods and don't really know our neighbors.  


My being in that spot probably caught both of them off guard, but that's no excuse for him to charge me.  Thankfully, I am not fearful of dogs (most times) and figured if I just stood still, I would be OK.


In my heart, I don't want to make trouble even though I know it is her fault.


Now, if he does it again, or I see him back where I live, all bets are off.


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I have a pitbull, but would not walk him without a leash. I have a new neighbor who owns 2 pitbulls, & when he opens his front door, they run out, & one of them crossed the street, & ran towards me while I was at my mailbox.I stood still, as you never know what a dog (not just a pitbull) will do. My neighbor apologized, & hasn't let them run out since then. 

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@Witchy Woman   Are there neighbors who might also be put at risk by this dog?

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Not really.  As I mentioned, we are in a wooded area and the nearest neighbors are out of sight and hearing for the most part. 


The neighbors on the other side of this home (we are in the middle) also have large dogs but I have never seen them out front of the house.  They take them out back and run in an empty field.



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When I walk my dogs in my neighborhood, I walk the same route everytime.  I know  most of the time no dogs are loose on the route I take.... I have been attacked several times by dogs that got loose.  Thus that is what I fear. People are so irresponsible with their dogs...