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Great story. Sounds like maybe they should chip their pets. Our neighbors had their 3 large dogs running loose New Year's weekend. We could not go out the front door. One of their dogs is what I call a killer dog. It killed a small dog a few summers ago when it got in their backyard. No way would I trust it to not eat you alive.

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What a story - so glad you shared. And so happy it ended so well.


On Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM I was throwing trash into the recycling trash can. Our collie slipped out the door with me. It was dark and he had already been walked twice - so he stood in the driveway and watched 2 girls walking up to their school bus stop. Then I saw the girls bend down and pet a medium sized dog. I went to grab my dog but he saw the dog when I did. So his tail was going by me as I wanted to grab his collar. Off my dog went running after the medium sized dog running down the street.


Then I saw the lights of a vehicle coming up the street. My heart sunk. We had just had 28+ inches of snow. And our street was plowed but narrow. The dogs were running down the middle of the street. 

Thankfully, the vehicle coming up our street was the owner of the King Cavalier Spaniel (medium sized dog). So they stopped and got their dog. And my collie turned around and came home. 


Of course, I learned. We have had him for 3 years and he never left our driveway but there was never another dog wandering around. Cats but no dogs. 


I love a happy ending. Thanks for sharing.

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You & your husband are doggy guardian angels! 🐾  Thanks for sharing such a heart warming story. 

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Its nice they were so appreciative.   So often nowadays,  people aren't. 

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Bless you!  But for you this story might have had a heartbreaking end.

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Great stories here.  So glad everyone was reunited.  How nice of the goldens' owners to send the flowers.  

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You and your husband have a heart of gold Smiley Happy So glad the dogs made it home safe and sound.