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@Happiness Is Inside JOB wrote:

My cat is also on medication, Fluoxetine 2.5mg Chewtab 90 Tabs and I get the medication from 1800 pet meds.  The Fluoxetine is made into a chewable treat and he gobbles it up, no problem.


It is expensive so I'm not going to pretend but there is no drama, no running around the house, no stress. The chewable is chicken flavored and I find the expense worth it cause i KNOW it would be a FIGHT everyday.


So maybe your cat's medication comes in a chewtab format.  1-800-738-6337

@Happiness Is Inside JOB thanks for this info.  It is a huge stress trying to give him his meds. He knows when it’s time and runs under the bed....and the stress begins!  

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