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QVC used to do do "Christmas in July."  Last year it was "Christmas in June." So, I'm guessing this year will be "Christmas in May."  May will arrive in a couple of days.  Good for all of you Christmas aficionados.


Personally, I hate the commercialization of what used to be an important, meaningful Christian holiday. 

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Re: I miss Christmas...

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Christmas is wonderful in so many special ways and for each individual it holds many precious memories throughtout a lifetime.  We would never have had this wonderful season had not our heavenly Father sent his precious Son to redeem mankind from his sins.  For me Christmas is Jesus Christ my Savior and what he means to me.

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Yes, it was so much fun when my kids were little!


Now I'm a grandmom for the first time and my grandson will be 10 months old this Dec.  I will enjoy getting him some cute gifts and it will only be more fun in the coming years!