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I am looking for a small food processor to grate cheddar cheese. I tried to shred it with a hand grater and it was a mess! Any suggestions?  Thanks

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Re: shredded cheese

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I have a KitchenAid food processor (K378514) I use to grate cheese.  I didn't buy from QVC, but the item # I posted is the one I own. 


It grates cheese in a matter of 2 minutes.  Takes me longer to clean the food processor than it does to grate the cheese. 


I own a smaller food processor also, but use the large one for cheese.  

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Watch the video on this. I would buy it, if I did this sort of thing...

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Did you see the hand-cranked grater they were selling on HSN over the holidays?


kitchen grater 


I got one specifically to grate cheese, but haven't used it yet.

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An ongoing problem for those us with bad hands.  I just bite the bullet and bags of grated Tillamook cheddar.  Lovely stuff but pricey.

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yes---tangocash suggested the one from HSN--I have it and it works GREAT---easy to assemble, easy to use and clean up too. good price as well.

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@Flika13try putting your block of cheese in the freezer for about 1/2 hour.  That'll "harden" it up a bit making it easier to grate without too much mess.  

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I had that hand cranked one from HSN, I attempted to use it once and it was a pain, don't even remember what I used it for, actually thinking, I was gonna make egg salad and was gonna grate the eggs.  It was such a pain and the handle kept coming off.  I washed it up and just gave it away.

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@Tangocash wrote:

Watch the video on this. I would buy it, if I did this sort of thing...

I have this slicer mentioned above and just love it..I grate a whole brick of cheese and it will last me awhile... many other uses but mainly cheese for me...

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@Flika13 I recently went through the same thing trying to grate a wedge of parmesan.  So I looked on Am-azon and ordered the one below for $21, no shipping fee with prime.  I love it!  Works like a champ, easy to use, doesn't budge off the counter with the lock, and takes little storage space.  👍👍