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this is sad,,,,,you have a chef  and she already tweaked recipes and they are so far off... i can't believe that either your product has issues or BJC has a different perfect cooker...i love BJC don't get me wrong but these little cookers along with the recipes suck...bad investment....

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Blue Jean's recipes are no good?

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I can't believe that Blue Jean's recipes aren't good .... she is a perfectionist!!!! 

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Yet another brand new poster disparaging QVC.  The pattern continues.

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........or, it could be user-Error....


hard to know with the limited info given....


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Sorry this is not working for you.  I returned my first one because it was damaged and the replacement has been great. I use the recipes from the blue jean chefs Facebook and they have all been great.  I've made omlettes, meatloaf, Mac and cheese, cheesecake , chocolate cake and a few other things and they were all perfect.  Once I used a little too much egg whites in my frittata so I just added 10 minutes of cook time and it was fine.  The times listed in the booklet are not long enough. The times online are good.   Perhaps your pot  isn't working properly??  Keep in mind that this is more like a slow cooker.  Most things take close to an hour.  Don't be afraid to open it and stir the contents also.  I like that for my most things I just throw the food in and come back in an hour to eat it. 

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Merri? Could this be Meredith lol

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Lol.  No it's just plain ole Merri.   Have learned a lot watching her though😊

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Does any on know how to cook hard boiled eggs in the perfect cooker?

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25 minutes for hard boiled- I have made 4 at this temperature and they were perfect.

20 minutes for soft boiled