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I make yogurt in my instant pot--but have the one OP mentioned that worked fine too. Have made cows milk and soymilk yogurt---I usually just go for plain and the add my goodies to it. I think you have to heat the milk for the yogurt maker---not sure tho, its been awhile since I used it--but in the instant pot, you don't. I used some acidopholous caps for the soymilk to thicken and then just some store bought yogurt in the reg kind. You need a culture to add to it.

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@becca lou wrote:

I would rather make individual small jars. Did you find jars, or do you just make it in the instant pot bowl.?

@becca lou 

I use the little 1/2-pint jars

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I use my Instant Pot. It makes great yogurt, but get yourself a large strainer to fit a several quarts of yogurt. I strain my overnight with several layers of find cheesecloth or unbleached muslin so it is nice and thick. I chop berries and very lightly sugar them with a few teaspoon of it to get them to release their juices or make a compote then cool to put into the containers with the yogurt. I spoon some yogurt and layer the berries. I use the small ziploc (or like) bowls as it is a great serving size to allow for extra granola to be put on once you are ready to eat it. Quite the meal size for me.