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when will the winter floral lace return?

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For window treatments?

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When I saw the red and green holiday set todays TSV .. I almost lost my mind ....

it was cute in the valentine also ... and the Easter .....but I got a grip and

resisted ......

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I was hoping that this would have been in the holiday selection of the TSV. I really liked the blue and the romance patterns. I loved the shape becaue I have been looking for that style for years to fit into all the ovens. I just had no place to store it and could not justify giving away the Temptations sets that I already have in my cabinet. 

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 I also like the WINTER pattern,,it does not have that ugly brown trim..It should be coming soon,,probably after Halloween.

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Two things I absolutely do not need in my lifeare any more Lock & lock sets or any more TT. Just got my kitchen completely cleaned out and I do not desire to fill it again with anything I don't absolutely NEED.