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She just lost all this weight and they are having her do 

all the tasting/selling on the Gourmet  food shows!!!

I have seen her a couple times in the past week......


It has to be hard for her....and sometimes it only takes a few bites of something you have been craving to mess you up on your diet!!

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@kelsey17 I agree, but that's what the posters wanted. 

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She probably goes home and has watercress for dinner(!)      Honestly tho, there are ways to "arrange" your consumption of calories during the day.

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We can't assume she is in agony about tasting all of the food she's presenting. She may be taking it all in stride, just part of the job!Smiley Tongue

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   I’m thrilled to see Leah and Jill hosting the gourmet food shows. I’m sure that Leah knows her limits and what I’ve seen, she’s only taken one or two bites, plus she’s not presenting every item.  

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I agree.  Me too.  LOVE to see Leah and Jill on the food shows.  Anyone but Sharon Faetsch rolling her eyes and Rick Domeier interrupting all the vendors.  I think they should give some of the other hosts a chance on the food shows.  Things have gotten a little stale on QVC.  Need to mix it up a bit and not have the same hosts on the same shows ALL of the time.  Taking one or two bites of all that food is how to pace yourself and not really eat a lot.

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Leah looks FAB! Jill looks like she has put some weight on though. Both great hosts!

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They can pay me to eat any day!  LOL

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So you all wanted Leah because you didn't like Sharon.  I wonder how many posters actually purchase the food items or just watch for entertainment of the hosts they prefer.

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Yeah, poor Leah, having to do the job for which she is paid. Imagine if everyone had to do this. . .

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