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I've been thinking about this since I've been posting, if the product cracks and does all kinds of things to make it useless, why is there a following for this product?

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I'm a TT lover but have also had a few pieces that have cracked on baking. I have tried to talk to QVC 3 times and no response. Any suggestions on dealing with customer service?
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I do enjoy TT especially because of the plastic lids- cannot find that in fiesta ware. However I had 2 large coffee mugs with little cracks on the inside- I checked it with a lead tester i bought from amazon and it came out positive! Now i am not sure if the coffee stains could have gotten into the cracks? ( cups were dishwasher clean) but i threw them out! A shame because I really liked the mugs, they had tops too. I have bought fiestaware latte mugs, made in USA as all fiestaware is (I think?!), they are large and can fit 2 cups of coffee. I tested a few other pieces of tt and they did not come out positive, but this china stuff is scary! QVC is not what it used to be, sad to say.

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No clue. I bought some Temptations when QVC first started carrying it. Bought some

as gifts. It was inexpensive and was nice to have something different. But I do believe

it's cheap junk made in China and Tara is laughing all the way to the bank. I stopped

watching any Temptations show. My last purchase was some mugs and dessert plates.

The mugs arrived chipped. Customer Service promptly sent a new set, but those also

were chipped. They didn't want to hear about it again and became quite nasty. I

threw out all the Temptations and wouldn't get it again even if it was free. So, I

guess I wonder along with you....

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I don't understand complaints about it, I love it and I have a cabinet full to prove it. It is a bit of an obsession with me, I want to buy more everytime she is on but reasoning takes over and I don't because I have no room left to store it. I'd say I have 4/5 sets, lots of single pieces. And my countertops are all done in Temptations, canisters, tea service s&p shakes , measuring cups, I could go on and on. Love it!!! I feel the same about Lock & Lock.

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I suspect like others have said, it's inexpensive and they like the look of it.

I personally do not like any of the patterns but understand that others do. Some friends wanted some as gifts and so I bought them for them but I have not heard bad or good on how they held up.

For me, I avoid buying things made in China as much as possible, especially for anything involving food.

I use only French porcelain that I buy at Williams-Sonoma and I absolutely love it. I have mostly items from the Apilco line but also have some of the Pillivuyt. They are gorgeous, will out live me, and they are extremely strong and durable since they are porcelain as opposed to ceramic. They cost more than temptations but I am willing to pay the extra money for the quality.

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I really tried to like TT, but everything chipped and/or cracked. The only Q casseroles that have survived are the Lidia Bastianich brand...and they discontinued them (of course!)

It's Fiesta for me now...or old Buffalo China restaurant ware. I have some Buffalo China I bought in thrift shops 30 years ago and it looks like new!

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I do wish the quality would improve on these dishes, as they are pretty and useful. And I take very good care of my kitchen ware as others mentioned they do too. Never had one crack, but have had several "craze" and that is not a pretty sight or I feel safe to use anymore. The very first set of hers was 3 small casserole dishes in wicker baskets. They look as good as the day I bought them....years ago. Quality was good then.

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The product is very good. I've never had a piece crack on me. I don't have a dish washer so the color fading problem I've yet to experience. I do wish more spring colors would be made available.......most of all: I WISH IT WAS MADE IN AMERICA! I don't see why it couldn't be other than the price wouldn't be as low as it bad.

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I seriously doubt that Tara would bring up poor quality and cracking on national tv, thats not profitable. Also I love QVC but cmon its an online store they want you to buy this stuff even if its not up too par. You have to come too blogs like this to hear about it. I bought ow black and quite a few pieces. I looks like dollar store pottery, handpainted by a 5 year old.I dont buy as much any more its overpriced when you consider the shipping costs.