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My mother made the best pie ever with Dream Whip and mince meat.  I loved that--it was my favorite. 


I think it was Dream Whip.  It's the one they don't make any more. 

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I remember making this stuff when I was a kid...believe it 's been a discontinuted product for years now


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My mom and I also make the whipped topping with whipping Cream.  The grand kids like the squirty stuff, which is ok if I don't want to make a run to the grocery store for whipping cream.  Grandma  liked cool whip.

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@Pipsqueak - I used to make this as a young Mom.

My young daughter loved it because it made its own layers.  My hubby and I were just talking about this  recently.  Wish they would bring it back.

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I buy heavy cream or whipping cream, depending on which is available.  Put about a tablespoon of powdered sugar in the bowl, add vanilla, add cream, and mix until it totally changes consistency and becomes whipped cream.  No substitutes in my kitchen period.

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For some reason Cool Whip tastes like chemicals to me.  Never use it.

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@DiAnne wrote:

For some reason Cool Whip tastes like chemicals to me.  Never use it.


Yeah - cuz it is.   Smiley Very Happy   My husband used to buy that and I put the kibosh on that one.  (He was fine - he just didn't know better)


One we like, if I don't want to do the work of buying heavy cream, etc, is the Land O Lakes one in the spray can that's sugar-free.  It's extremely tasty and nice, and actually made of cream.