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Temptations with glaze cracks

I recently wrote a post regarding the lack of durability of Temptations ware. A number of people have had problems with chipping and cracking. Someone mentioned that she had hairline cracks in a piece but used it anyway.

If cracking goes through the glaze, it's best not to use the item for food. As I understand it, oftentimes, the underlying clay base of crockery (any brand) contains small levels of lead. This is not a problem as long as the glaze hasn't been compromised. If it has been, and the ovenware still being used, there's a chance that some of the lead could leach into the food...especially with acidic foods. Maybe Tara could address this; possibly this isn't the case with Temptations. At any rate, bacteria build up could still be a problem, so it's best not to use cracked pottery for food anyway.

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Re: Temptations with glaze cracks

The glaze could also contain lead, and the cracking is less of an issue with bacteria (as these pieces get hot enough in the oven to kill such bacteria) as it is an issue affecting the structural integrity of the piece itself (leading to possible cracking in the oven).