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For those who have been waiting for its return, it is here.   Tara debuted a set of 4 mugs for about $24 with free shipping today until 3:59pm.  I picked up a set.  According to David they are selling fast.

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The idea of the gift set is great, but I really wish the mugs were being offered in individual colors.

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I love polka dots! It looked like a good buy and nice roomy mug. I do not need any. I do wish she would offer bakeware again in polka dots. I have some and it makes me happy when I use them .

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I agree about the colors. It since the only one I didn’t care for was the green - too “avocado” for me I ordered anyway.  I was delighted to see something different than usual.  I posted once before that to me the Old World pattern is looking dated, plus so many complaints about poor painting that Tara should come up with a simpler to paint design. Nothing easier than dots😄

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I wish the polka dots would return again too.  I have a few of the lavender/lilac? and wish I had more.

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Re: Temptations Polka Dot update to previous post

I received the polka dot mugs yesterday and was disappointed to find that three had some obvious flaws that made them unacceptable as gifts - or even for myself.  They were just what I wanted, great size, handle perfect in the hand.   Sent back today and requested replacement, hoping that QVC - knowing how Temp Tations paint jobs can be - has set aside a percentage of product for replacements. While I have been anxiously awaiting some new “stuff” in Temp Tations, I will not be sucked in again. Quality control comes from the factory, not QVC personnel looking inside every box that comes in from you know where.