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Temptations Mugs

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I never have been a huge fan of anything that I had purchased before from Temp-tations but I have to say that the set of 4 K-53735 are very nicely made.

Temp-tations Seasonal Set of (4) 16-oz Mugs with Gift Boxes are very nice. I received the Poinsettia with the cardinal and they came perfectly painted and no problem. Love they have their own boxes.

I just ordered another of the same set of Cardinals and a set of Pawfetti. I will use them as gifts for Christmas. I will keep 1 each of these two sets for myself.
Cardinals mean a lot to me and my family. We have some near us that sing to my friend and I almost every morning when we walk. They have a nest in one of her trees in her yard.


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It's unfortunate that the quality of Temp-tations has become so inconsistent over the past few years, because when they get something right, it can be fantastic. My most recent example is these mini pie dishes; I've ordered two sets in the Pumpkin Patch design over the course of a few weeks and every detail on every dish and lid has been flawless:


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I got the Pawfetti. I am trying my best not to cry when I hand them over for Christmas gifts. I love them! 

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I'm not a fan of temptations stuff--it's just not my thing--most things are too cutesy--- I replaced all my old dishes with all colors of Fiestaware. I do have a few whimsical holiday pieces for the seasons in fiestaware too.

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I do not care for her products at all .I find her stuff just too busy she used to call white ware boring . Now suddenly she selling white products and then are one of the top sellers. I have always preferred white dinnerware as it matches any other colors. I will never purchase her products as they just seem ugly and  cheaply made!!

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If you want to get some cute holiday mugs that are stackable, I saw some at Wal-Mart for 10.99. Cuter than Temptations in my opinion. There are 4 that come in a metal frame for stacking. 

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I don't care for the Floral Lace and Old World patterns. I do not like having so many matching patterns in dinnerware or bakeware. I bought all my dinner plates at Ross. Each is a different design. I have at least sixteen plates. That's s my style.