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If you have bought K46944 In Firework , Oceanfetti  or Summer would you please post a picture  QVC can't get around to doing this for some reason  Thanks

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There were never pieces made in the choices you stated.  It's a mistake on the website.  I went to the QVC YouTube channel and watched the video from last October when they were new. There are only the 6 choices they show in the pictures to choose from.  



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@dinka and @Mesmerelda - Temp-tations does this all the time when it adds new pattern options for existing pieces; there are no new swatches/images available yet because the additional patterns are not yet in a presentation lineup. Since we're just barely entering the spring/summer timeframe when the Summer, Firework, and Oceanfetti patterns are highlighted, keep an eye on the Q listing as well as ITKWD and the Temp-tations Facebook page, and you're likely to see the new updates soon.