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Hey guys, glad to know I'm not alone in this. I wish there was a way to reach out to the company. My set from three years ago is still going string with the exception of one piece finally bit the dust after so much use. But the pieces I've gotten the past year, I am really disappointed in and leery to use.
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I have many old sets.  Only have one piece of a set of two get the lines on the bottom so that one was disposed of.  The other piece of the set is fine.  All my old sets are fine, but the last couple of items I bought (must be almost 10 years ago) had to be returned because of bad coloring and chips.   Since then I have not purchased more TT.  I read here about so many cracking in the oven, etc.  I watch the shows and enjoy the pretty patterns, but will not order any more.  Would not chance giving any as a gift either.

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I won't buy anymore Temptations because mine cracked also..I bought several glass pieces of Lock n Lock and I love them.  The glass is thick and I had no problem with them. I use them to bake in most of the time..I gave some of my Temptations to my daughter and 2 granddaughters. I see people have some for sale in yard sales..

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I've had the same problem.  I never even had them in the oven, just the microwave to heat things up.  Several of the bowls have cracks in them and had crazing issues.  I ended up throwing then out because I didn't want them to "explode" when I took them out of the microwave.  I will no longer buy Temptations because of this.  Very disappointed.