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I love my temptations, however it seems like that past year any set I order I have begun to notice cracks. Some look to be under the glaze while others start out fine and in time get larger. I had to return a 13x9 pan because the crack was so bad it was about to split in two! Has anyone else experienced this? The set I got a few years ago, no issue, but everything the past year I have an issue with at least one piece from each set...I've let it cool to room temperature, gentle cycle on the dishwasher, hand wash, I've tried everything. Help, anyone?
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Unfortunately I have experienced the same issues with Temptations. I’ve returned several 13x9 bakers because of cracking and breaking. I even have mixing bowls that have never been in the oven or exposed to high or low temps that are cracking/crazing on the bottom. I have one square baker that I’ve only used as a napkin holder that has small, fine cracks in it. There seems to be a lot of issues with this brand. It’s really too bad because they are functional, just not the quality you’d expect from stoneware. So, I’m left with a product that I’m hesitant to use because they could crack or break and cause injury or damage.

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I switched to Fiesta bakeware.  American made, so sturdy, and works beautifully.  I hav limited storage space, and don’t have room for a lot of pieces that are mostly decorative...,,they have to be workhorses for me!


Get them at Macys or Kohls when on sale and use coupons!

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Re: Temptation issues?

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Unfortunately, I too have had this problem. I have recently thrown away two Temptation casserole dishes due to cracks. I have never had any issue with my older Temptation pieces. I have always followed the instructions as to usage of the bakeware. Clearly, with so many having issues, there is a current problem. I personally do not intend to purchase any more Temptations until I read that this problem has been corrected. The pieces are beautiful but are way too expensive to have to deal with lack of longevity issues involving cracking and crazing. My latest Temptation disaster had ugly gray crazing to form while baking something on 350 degrees. Unacceptable. My Pyrex and Fire King pieces are back in play again. They are almost indestructible. 

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Re: Temptation issues?

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I also experienced the same crazing and cracking on Temp-tation plates and bakeware.  I hand wash all my Temp-tation pieces and carefully follow the instructions.... 


One in particular made me mad because I used it only twice---I bought a cute seasonal auto delivery set---For Christmas it was a group of bowls with Santas and snowmen....all I did was wash the bowl by hand according to instructions, one time used it for a garden salad and another time transferred some microwave popcorn to one of the bowls.....washed the bowl afterwards....and the bowl developed a crack and broke in two after just two uses...

Only an older piece, I have the cardinal baker....seems to have kept its prime condition....


I think the quality has declined....

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I've gotten rid of the few pieces I had. I live alone and was always very careful with them, I was very disappointed with the brand. I suppose they are fine if you are just going to use them as decor but that was not my intent. 

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I have the square table settings set in black Floral Lace.  Over the past six months, I have thrown out all of the salad plates, one dinner plate and two of the bowls - these pieces developed cracks like you described.  I don't cook in TT at all - I use what I have as serving pieces only.  And I am not buying any new pieces.

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There have been many, many horror stories listed here.  It seems as though most people are no longer using Temptations for cooking.  We heard of several disasters where dishes have broken in the oven or when being removed, making big messes and ruining meals.

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TT is a perfect example of "you get what you pay for".

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After seeing the problems with stuff from the places where you can paint your own, I never dared buy this.  Shucks, I even managed to break my wedding Corning Ware.