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Temp-tations return question

Does anyone know how long Temp-tations return policy is? I have an 11x14 (I think) dish that is actually a replacement for my original that cracked and it is now all crazed and cracked. I can't remember how long I have had it but it has been quite a while. I still use it but I lined it with parchment paper due to the crack. I would really like to have it replaced.



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Re: Temp-tations return question

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I read your comment with trepidation....



If the thing is CRACKED ( even crazed would do it for me)....PLEASE don't use it with hot hot food in in five pounds of boiling hot lasagna moved from the oven to the counter...


Whenever Tara does that on the QVC set ....I hold my breath..


....because of all the reports of cracks, complete crack thrus while in the oven ( Bad enough),but think what that thing breaking in half while it's full of hot food, and that hot stuff slops against your body on the way to the floor...while you're carrying it to the table...



Call the burn unit.


Do what I do. Give up on Temptations...they are not quality....and use the baker or large bowls or lid-its to place under plants or use as pretty flower pots where they could do no harm. That's what I do. People compliment how pretty they are. They don't see them when they finally DO crack.


Crazing in the glaze is a weak point, but a crack? NEVER. 


PLEASE don't use that baker if it is cracked.


ESPECIALLY with hot food in it, anywhere near your body or, god forbid, a little kid following you from stove to table while you carry it.


As far as warranty? Not worth it. 


Don't take chances.



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Re: Temp-tations return question

@CritterKeeper As far as I know, everything, with a few exceptions that are clearly stated on the product description, there is a 30 day return policy. 


Best to contact QVC customer service or perhaps even the social team, they could best answer your question. 

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Re: Temp-tations return question

@CritterKeeper.  After tossing yours you may want to consider Pyrex oven glass bakeware. They last forever and they don't have a constant crack history as in Temptations.

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Re: Temp-tations return question

I have a beautiful white, fluted design Corning Ware 9 X 13" baker that I'll never have to worry about crazing or cracking. 

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Re: Temp-tations return question

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@CritterKeeper - It isn't worth the hassle to even try to check with Temp-tations on an extended return policy—despite anything they say, their customer service is TERRIBLE to speak with and not well trained at all. I've only had two interactions with them, but both were extremely frustrating. Most recently, I'd purchased a baker as a gift, and when the recipient opened the box and found it was shattered, I spent half an hour on the phone trying to make them understand it wouldn't be safe to send back, offering to email photos or provide other proof, but without physically returning the item, they wouldn't issue an exchange or a refund. That was my last purchase from their website. (Obviously, if you purchased from QVC, you only get 30 days, so no extension there.)


All that said, I own dozens of Temp-tations pieces and have never had any crazing or cracking over the years, so maybe these service incidents were my punishment for an otherwise problem-free history.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Temp-tations return question

I've given up on them, but Temp-tations offers a 3-year warranty! Smiley Happy