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Is Temp-tations not making things in all colors anymore? Every item I see lately isn't available in my Old World Spice. Seems like they are branching out into more patterns but not in many colors. Any info since I don't get to watch much anymore? Thanks in advance 😊
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It botheres me also, I am/was a collector of the floral lace in the spring color lime green. It is so pretty, and my husband has either dropped it...well you know how that goes.  I am running out of the pieces in the lime green, I love it. And once upon a time she had lilac, yellow, I think even pink she might have called coral, They're long gone, I can't find any of it even on ebay. Darn it.

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And what about that boring white.  She's starting to bring that out now.

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I received the red with white polka dots as a gift and that does not seem to be around any longer.

I bought the shamrock floral lace pattern for St Patrick's Day a few yrs ago and there are not many pieces left in that pattern.

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It's just frustrating to not be able to continue collecting the same color & pattern. I thought Old World & Floral Lace were the mainstay of the brand! Plus I have a couple of cracked pieces. Oh well, I guess that's my clue I don't need to buy anymore 🙂
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As much as I've collected over the years I'm sad to see Tara branching into other things (masks...aren't there enough out there🙄) she should be focusing on the quality of the current products.


I have many seasonal pieces from years ago and collected the summer colors -- I think they were called Springfetti, Oceanfetti and can't recall the lime name.  They've been discontinued too☹️








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@BROWNSFAN - Last year, Tara noted that the spice color in both Old World and Floral Lace was going to start being offered in more items closer to the harvest/autumn time of year, so that's why you're not seeing that color in the spring. (I believe she also said that was the case with the cranberry, but I have seen it pop up in a couple of items over the past month or so.)

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I have to agree!!! I can't remember the last time I've seen anything in my Floral Lace Eggplant. It's very disappointing. I really hate that I don't think I'll be able add any more pieces to my collection. All of the new patterns and colors (taupe, grey, etc) just show me that Tara is really just interested in the newest trends and not trying to keep ALL of her customers happy! Smiley FrustratedSmiley Sad

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I agree, floral lace green is my color and seems they are no longer making the new pieces in green.  Bummed!!

Was there a formal announcement by Tara about discontinuing colors and I missed it?

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This reduction of color choices started back before the pandemic hit. I could have understood it, if it had happened after, as everything has been reduced, but it seems to be a trend that is long term, if not permanent. 


I had switched everything in my kitchen over to Floral Lace chocolate, with some FL fall to mix in, and I'm glad I bought just about everything ever made, since that seems gone now. 


Her line is getting so ugly, overall. The holiday stuff looks like dollar store junk that appeals to toddlers. Old World doesn't look anything like the original pattern, it's lost it's 'old world' look. I do see a more modern flair with the polka dots coming back limited, and the woodland solid colors. Not my style, but I do see that it fits with today's styles.


I personally see it as the line is on the down trend. They don't have shows as often, nor do they have TSVs like they used to. I think they have saturated the market, and sales aren't what they once were. In order to keep the line, they had to slim it down some, and reduce the offerings. 


QVC buyers really don't know their customers in this area.