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@Kachina624 wrote:

@SharkE    You'd better put your weed guy on quick dial.  With all the rain, you place will look like a jungle.

yeah, instead of 2 mowings a month. May is such a long month he's gonna get paid for 3 ! Yikes!


I can't get out in the sun and run the risk of getting any more skin cancers. Plus, you have to maintain your own mower and buy gas and oil why after husband died I just farmed it out. He left me a few bucks so I can afford it.


Unusual yr. so far this yr.

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I ordered the Boardwalk flavours, but the comments are now worrying me. Its been warm here and will get warmer. I tend not to buy much food off QVC and never in summer. But this looked like such a good deal. *fingers crossed*

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I'm so hungry for taffy if it is all melty I'll scrap it off the paper. LOL

In stores mostly you just see it in Hardware stores never like walmart and it's solid as brass.


We can either refrigerate for awhile, freeze it then take it out and come to room temp,  or just knife it off the wrappers. LOL

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Why they were selling Slatkin candles and salt water taffy yesterday is a mystery to me. I didn't  think they sold these items in 90 degree temps. I sure wouldn't order them.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@SharkE    You're right, didn't even occur to me.


Have you been getting the huge, violent thunderstorms that Tucumcari and Clovis have been getting?  When they show NM weather maps, it looks like you're on some of them getting storms.  We've had two 20 min showers.

@Kachina624 Those are the ones that usually have us huddling below the garage floor in the fraidy hole part of April and June and most of May. 

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For anyone concerned about the shipping, they mentioned during a couple of the presentations that the taffy would be shipped with gel packs to keep it cool.


ETA: The gel packs are also mentioned in the item description.

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The only taffy I'll eat is the old fashioned salt water taffy made with vinegar, one flavor, vanilla.  No, it doesn't taste like vinegar, it's just less sweet.  As kids, we always had to buy a bag of this taffy when we went to Euclid Beach Amusement Park (in the Cleveland, Ohio area) that closed in 1969.  

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I ordered the 3 lb. bag, just before last Christmas.  I attempted to eat 2 pieces. It was hard as a rock and had no softness to it at all. After trying those 2 pieces, the remainder of the 3 lbs. went right into the trash.  I have eating my fair share of taffy in the past, and this was absolutely the worst.

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The best taffy I ever had came from Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH).  Lots of flavors and very smooth and chewy.