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@JeanLouiseFinch, why did you have to replace your jars? Was it necessary in order to have them fit w/ that Spicey Shelf system? 


I have SO MANY spices & such limited space that nothing has ever been much help; turntables, tiered shelves, etc.

Anyway, I'm dying to know if this works for you!


Please keep us posted.

Hi @sabatini. I do too.  My spice area is below a fixed shelf, which is not tall enough for the three tiers as shown on the box. To create two tiers evenly spaced, it was a minuscule fraction of an inch too short in height, to accommodate 4" tall spice bottles. Just my luck.  I found some that were 3.5" tall so everything will fit and be uniform. We ended up putting in two Spicey Shelves side by side so the entire bottom section of the cabinet will be devoted to spices and maybe my extracts in the open space in the center. But alas, I'm still not done with the job. I went to get my P-touch to make labels and all I had was clear tape.  I ordered white but it won't be here until tomorrow evening.  Talk about a long, drawn out production. 🙄. Once it's complete, ill try to remember yo take a picture.

Well, @sabatini, I got it done!  I'm using the full bottom area of a double cabinet with one Spicy Shelf kit.  My system was to arrange single spices first, then go to blends.  In open area on the left, I have my extracts.  On the right, a couple things we grab for often; Everything Bagel Seasoning and Dry Ketchup Seasoning.  I am at max capacity on and under the shelves, but I got it all in there. 


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@JeanLouiseFinch : Your spice cabinet looks great and hope you enjoy your new system.😍

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@SouthernBee wrote:

@JeanLouiseFinch : Your spice cabinet looks great and hope you enjoy your new system.😍

Thank you, @SouthernBee.  And thanks again for recommending the Spicy Shelf kit. I can't recall how many times I've redone my spices over the years and would be disappointed with the outcome, then mad at myself fore the money and time I put into it..  Fortunately I have a kind and patient DH.  Finally, I now have a setup that I think will be easy to use and maintain.  

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I have pull out spice drawers on either side of my stove.  I like the organization and ease of use, close to stove.

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@JeanLouiseFinch , that looks fantastic!! Nice job. Smiley Happy What a pleasure it must be to have it done. Hats off to you and @SouthernBee.

If I were either of you, I'd randomly open the cabinet just to admire!


I'm not nearly as ambitious as either of you, and my space is very narrow. I ended up just buying another 3 tiered shelf (I already had one), so the 2 face one another. Not optimal, but it'll do. Large stuff is behind them, and I have a turntable above which fits the rest.


I'm SO grateful to y'all for the inspiration and push to do something!



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Re: Spice Organizing

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For years, I've kept a small  plastic  three-drawer storage chest on a pantry closet shelf, similar to the ones shown below.  (I didnt mean to picture more than one, but can't correct the photo.)


The spice jars are arranged in rows on their sides with labels facing up, and I find it easy to find and take out the ones I need.


Not a very elegant storage solution, but  works for me!


Sterilite Medium Portable 3 Storage Drawer Organizer


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@drizzellla wrote:

I bought 2 lazy susan's by Rubbermaid. And put all the spices in alphabetical order.


Have spent lots of time putting everything back in order through the years.  A couple of months ago I spent part of the afternoon going through and throwing out old stuff and putting everyhting back in alphabetical order.  It lasted a few days and there was dill spice in with the onion powder. And now I just gave up. If you want a spice you can hunt for it. I admit defeat.

@drizzellla I used to have lazy susans and kept them in alphabetical order.  However, my husband and children never put them back in alphabetical order.  My husband bought a stair step shelf system for the spice cabinet and now spices are lined up in rows with no specific order.  It so frustrating to find a spice!

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That looks nice.  I bought from QVC quite a few years ago a box that fits on a shelf with three drawers that pull out and drop down to show 9 spices each.  I have been pleased with this setup.  I thunk BB&B also carries.  One of my best Q purchases.

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@JeanLouiseFinch wrote:

Accessing my spices is a continual frustration as I have to unload half thebottles to find what I'm looking for. I've used the tiered shelves and they didn't last long.  I'd always end up knocking something over when reaching to the tallest shelf in the back. Any suggestions?  I'm looking at these but have mixed feelings.  Opnions?





We have teeny cabinets and no pantry.  I use a two-level metal lazy susan, and a basket on the counter for the seasonings I use most.  

I have a ton of spices and sometimes end up 'cocktailing' them.  A lot of them are going to be used up and not replaced, and from then on I'll stick to some basics.  Or at least I'll try.