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Unless one has the capability of growing and raising their own food, EVERY store bought product is likely to have a connection to a company you wouldn't choose to support.   


I don't concern myself with this type of stuff.   

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My mom is scared to order from them,since she called them ,to get a  booklet from them,and heard a message ,that they were bought out ,in 2018, so that is why i asked, i check my stuff i had bought ,the only thing i have from other than USA,is frozen veggies,from Mexico.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind.

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You can google info about the Company selling and I asked my Schwans driver about it.

From what I've been told the delivery service was't part of the company that was sold. Schwans had other companys  that were sold. They make Red Baron Pizza by the way.