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Any one know of a non cast iron cornbread stick pan ? don't want any of that Lodge stuff.


silicone, aluminum, even glass. I've googled it and it seems cast iron is the only thing they think you should use. LOL

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The only ones I've ever seen were cast iron.  Thats what mom used and the never stuck.  I think the cast iron cooks them in a manner that makes them extra good, thus its popularity. 

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Amazon has silicone and aluminum.


Wilton might have a special cake pan that would work also.

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I looked there, but, didn't see any. I'll give it another go.


don't know why it's so hard to find bread stick molds and now corn bread stick molds.  I paid a fortune for my bread stick pan thru Webstaurant I may just use that for the cornbread too.


Idiot husband won't eat cornbread any other way then the **** stick form.


aarghhhhhhhhh   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I found some silicone that you can use for bread stick and I'll use for cornbread sticks too. Set of 2 for 11 something. Plus shp & tax 18.00


Problem solved ! Yay ! thanks for making me go back and look LOL


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Sharke:  Nordicware has a new cornstick pan. It's nonstick aluminum. It's fairly expensive though and I doubt it's widely distributed at local stores since it's a new product.

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I don't care what shape my cornbread is in as long as it will deliver butter to my mouth.

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@Sharke Omg look how adorable this aluminized pan is! Nordicware from $42

 Cornbread stick pan....Im on a tablet and can't seem to cut paste photo of the baked cornbread. I didn't want to link as I dont know why a t gets deleted here and doesn't. Must see this!

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I'll check it out !


thanks !

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Re: cornbread stick pan

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This is just too cute!

Nordicware from target dot com6BF3D572-7658-41DD-917D-378294BDFC4F.jpeg

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