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The only Rice A Roni I bought was the Spanish Rice.  It's still nice to have with grilled chicken or pork chops.

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I was born and reared in NC and am still there.  I have never heard of that candy bar! 

My candy love as a child was Milky Way or 3 Musketeers.

It was a bar with 7 different candies, all covered in chocolate. The ones I remember were orange jelly, mint, coconut, almond, can't remember all 7. It was like a box of candy in a bar. Love Milky Way, still a guilty pleasure.

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I have instacart so today I received a email coupon for Rice A Roni. I had to laugh because I haven't bought rice a roni in years and it made me think I wonder how many other old pantry staples are still around and if people are still buying on a regular basis.  Another one I thought of was cornmeal.  (my grandmother use to make cornbread from scratch) Jiffy corn bread was not around back then. Can anyone think of any other old brand name pantry items?

I have always made cornbread from scratch

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I used to love Rice A Roni when I was child.  Now I can barely choke it down because it is so salty.  My mother's "special meal" for her grandchildren was Spanish Rice-A-Roni with cut up hot dogs in it (obviously she wasn't a very good cook but the kids loved it).  

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I used to buy and enjoy Chicken Tonight sauces in jars.  Our favorite was the Chicken Cacciatore and I would probably buy it today too.  Remember "I feel like chicken tonight, chicken tonight."

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Hamburger Helper? I do remember we went through a phase of that when I was a kid...until we realized what made it taste so good was all the MSG and sodium...and dad had his first heart attack and we became very health aware after that.


I think I might have also had Rice-A-Roni back in the day.


We never had a lot of processed food though...Italian heritage...we were busy making all the family recipes, with fresh ingredients.


Doesn't mean I still didn't think that Hamburger Helper was yummy!...and...salty. lol.

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I love cooking, but I frequently buy Rice-a-Roni pilaf for a side dish. The flavor is great! Another good throwback pantry staple that came to mind is the canned Manwich sloppy joe meat—my mother was a fantastic cook and would never use something like that, but one of my younger brothers had it at a friend's house and became obsessed, so she gave in and cooked some for dinner one night. Little brother was thrilled; the rest of us, not so much.  Smiley Wink

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I buy Rice A  Roni (beef) often.  My husband used to make it all the time when he was in college.  Sometimes he would add ground beef to it.  Publix just had a BOGO so I stocked up for him.

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Every once in a while I’ll make tuna helper.  That’s so good.

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And Farina. Hot cereals that Mom made for us when we were little!