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Temptations Old World CRANBERRY

Very disappointed.   I have quit shopping for Temptations.   My daughters and I have been collecting the Cranberry old world.  Now none of the newer sets are in cranberry.  Some in red is not red.  It is closer to orange.  Not a fit in darker red kitchens.  Not interested in combining colors.  Good way to loose customers.

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Re: Temptations Old World CRANBERRY

@craftygater1 If you get lots of other buyers of OW Cranberry responding, maybe they will reorder.


I am no help because it's been about 15 years since I purchased any Temptations for myself and now I don't know any collectors.

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Re: Temptations Old World CRANBERRY

@craftygater1 - Tara noted a couple of years ago that the cranberry color is only going to be available in the fall. There have been several new pieces released in cranberry over the past month as part of the annual "Temp-tations Days" celebration, so if you sort through the "Newest First" options after searching for Temp-tations, you can see which items are still available. Good luck!