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Outrageous prices are everywhere and always have been.  What's new?  The world is full of stuff I can't afford.   You can find a outrageous priced version of about anything I can think of. 

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So how much is it okay for me to spend on food?  And who gets to decide that?






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I can go to Wegmans and buy great meals.   I can make my own, buy prepared and ready to cook or ready to eat.  So many choices and prices.  They even have some of the same items and brands sold by QVC but cheaper and no shipping.   If a problem with the product easy returns and full refund.   I have never driven returned anything there.   Love their non food seasonal merchandise.   I have gotten beautiful decorations on sale.


Here in central NY we do not have to pay for the establishments high rent/taxes.    I always check out the Wegmans when I am traveling.  They are a great place to get a quick snack or a meal.   While there I check the prices on items I buy regularly.   Like all products on the market the price is determined by  location and what the traffic will bear. 

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There are many reasons people buy food on the Q.  With more and more grocery stores offering home delivery, other options are becoming available.  My area doesn't have that option yet, but I am hopeful we will get it one day.  

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I have out-of-town relatives who have been delighted with food items I have bought for them, through QVC.

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Who is buying that food?  A lot of viewers/shoppers must be or QVC wouldn't carry the items.  No one is forcing you to buy the food.  You can just grin in wonderment.

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@Snowpuppy wrote:

I don't get the rants. Really don't.


I've purchased convenience items here in the past. When DS was in college I'd send him KC steakburgers. 


That said, you want sticker shock, try WS or NM for their offerings.

LOL, especially from people that have been here forever.  It's always been expensive.   

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It used to be that the food presented n QVC was a little high, but not outrageous, but you had to pay for shipping which is high for items needing to be kept cold.  Now it is all included.  You are paying a premium for shipping in those coolers with dry ice.


i get a medication for my dog that must be kept cold.  I live in PA and the pharmacy is in MD that compounds the drugs for my dogs Vet.  The medication is $8 a bottle and the cooler and ice it is packed in with shipping is another $25.  So, I end up paying $33 for a $8 item.


i was in Costco yesterday and noticed that their premade food is getting expensive too.  I looked at a small loaf of  cranberry bread  that I wanted to get for my sister. I ended up walking away. It was $8.99 


it’s so much less expensive to just cook and bake at home.

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@Carmie  Not sure what medicine your dog is one, but try Allivet online pharmacy.  I get the prescription from the vet and the cost is at least 30% less going through them.  I'm sure my vet isn't happy that I don't buy it directly from them, but I have to save where I can.


Mmm, cranberry bread sounds wonderful and I think I'll make some today.  It's so easy, I think I'd pass on the $8.99 price too.  Cranberries are now in the grocery stores and expensive, but I buy them after the holidays and freeze them.  They freeze perfectly, just throw the bag in the freezer and they are good to go whenever you need them. 

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@CAcableGirl2  Thanks for the info. My dog has a disorder common in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels called syringomylia.  She takes Gabapentin which is about $12 at Costco ($89 at CVS),a compounded medication and Denamarin which is a milk thistle supplement for dogs that I buy from Amazon.


Compounded medications are a mixture of several drugs special ordered from a Pharmacy that does compounding.  They are mixed with a beef or chicken flavor in a liquid base.


My Specialist Vet is located in MD, so his local pharmacy does the compounding according to his instructions. I tried to have a local pharmacy do the compounding, but it was never right and the drug wasn’t helping.


I am always looking for the best prices too.  I’ll check that site to see if Denamarin is less expensive there.





I have cranberries in my freezer right now, along with blueberries, sour cherries and peaches and pumpkin.  I have to get baking.  I have celiac disease and can’t eat those types of goodies. And my DH is a vacuum cleaner when it comes to sweets.  


He is not overweight and is healthy, but I want to keep him that way.  He just ate a whole pumpkin pie in about 8 hours... he always eats that way if there are sweets around, so I try to space my baking out.