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I just scanned the page of food items listed. QVC needs to get real, these prices are outrageous!! I'm single & I can eat for at least 2 wks for the cost of some items. WHO is buying this food?? 

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Obviously someone is ,or they wouldn't be selling. I have watched the food shows ,and most of the products sell out very quickly


Q offers a variety of things,   for a variety of prices.  Thats how it should be if you want to stay in business you cater to all tastes and income brackets

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Isn't it nice that no one is FORCED to buy this outrageously priced merchandise?  I don't even bother watching the programs.

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the food pricing at qvc is not out of line with any other speciality mail order catalog or retail store in the mall that sells food items.

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The convenience is worth every penny (and I believe in convenience) however, I've not had good luck with QVC's food and that's with years of trying.  So now I will only purchase certain things, no meat, no side dishes, no pastries but will order Corazonas bars, Germac Trail mix, stuff like that.... but not all the time and have found comparable items locally that are just as good or better for far less money....jmho

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I tend to agree that some of the Q's food prices are outrageous. For example, David V. Presented a $200 cake. Yes, a cake. Woman Surprised



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Evidently, it's a worthwhile convenience for many people, hence the frequent food shows.  Not up to me as to how others choose to spend their money.

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It was a gourmet cake, very difficult to prepare ,an extremely tricky and time consuming  item. Only a highly skilled person could make this  cake


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I agree 100%.  I have sent Mrs. Prindables apples as a family present for a relative that lives in another state.  My guess is that customers purchasing food online most likely do not cook.  If you figure the price of a meal out, plus drinks and tip, it probably doesn't seem so expensive.  If you like to cook and don't mind shopping and cleaning up the kitchen, it is quite pricey.  I would never do it, but my daughters-in-law would because they work in very high stress jobs and do not enjoy cooking, let alone have the mess to deal with.  I'm sure they figure their time is worth something.  There has to be a market for these food items or QVC would not have expanded the types of food they sell.

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I don't get the rants. Really don't.


I've purchased convenience items here in the past. When DS was in college I'd send him KC steakburgers. 


That said, you want sticker shock, try WS or NM for their offerings.