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I see HSN carries these, but, pricey.


Any one have 1 are they superior to the french roller that I bought at Bed and Bath ?

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I've had my aluminum rolling pin from HSN about a year and enjoy using it and it works great, I find that dough doesn't stick as much and easy cleanup, I think it's just a matter of preference.

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I'm not sure if HSN would give me free shp on it or not, but, I did receive 20%off.  Have to check B&B and see if they offer free shp if it's up to what 

$$ limit.

Thanks !    Seems like it's to long, though. I'm gearing down to the smaller size in pins.

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I have a silicon rolling pin that is nice and heavy. It rolls dough out very well and doesn't stick. I do like the shape of the aluminum rolling pin at HSN. It would be a good addition to a collection. I would check TJMaxx first to see if they have one at their great prices, but $40 isn't bad either.