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Re: Pure Vanilla Extract

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A couple years ago as I was picking up a bottle of vanilla extract, another shopper, picking up imitation vanilla, started a conversation with me in which she shared that since reading that there are times vanilla flavoring works better than vanilla extract, she no longrt buys the extract.  She said, as best as I can recall, that the flavoring tended to do better in cooked things and the extract produces better results in foods like ice-cream, milkshakes and foods requiring not a lot of cooking.  Of course, this information went in one ear and out my other ear. Smiley Happy That is, until I read this thread and decided to Google if any of that shopper's 'perception' had any validity.  Seems it does ('tho I don't see myself becoming a consumer of imitation vanilla anytime soon)!!


Here is an iarticle, if interested, that explains her claim:

 Is Real Vanilla Always Better than Imitation Vanilla? 

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@faeriemoon wrote:

I think the Costco price change has more to do with the origin of the vanilla.  Kirkland vanilla extract used to come from Madagascar, which apparently produces a superior quality vanilla extract.  These days it's made in the USA and I believe NOT sold under the Kirkland name.  Just Pure Vanilla Extract.


I don't think it's as good as it once was, however it is just as good (and more economical) than anything you find at the grocery store.

@faeriemoon The vanilla extract I saw at Costco was Kirkland brand.  I did not notice where the vanilla originated.  Next time I'm there, I will check.

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@coffee drinker I would be interested to know.  The one currently in my pantry is labeled Pure Vanilla Extract, and it is made in the US.  I used to buy Kirkland Pure Madagascar Vanilla (or something close to that wording) but they no longer have it.

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@faeriemoon  We usually go to Costco every 2 or 3 weeks so I'll check the label and I'll take a pic of the front & back of the bottle.  Not really sure how to post pics here or anywhere, but I'll try and will get back to you -- if I remember.  

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Beanilla.  They are excellent.  Have not been disappoointed.  A tad more expensive, yet for me, worth it:  Vanilla, Extracts & Flavorings Company | Beanilla