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Re: Popular Food

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Lima beans and butter beans

Organ meats (still like chopped liver but rarely eat it)

Milk (ok in cereal, cooking or baking, but not drinking)


Raw fish of any kind - smoked salmon & lox are the exceptions

Beer to drink - beer battered foods ok

Hard liquor

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If you're talking about "popular" food, I'd have to say it would be sushi. I don't eat organs such as beef liver or frog legs, but I don't consider them to be a popular food! LOL!

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Mayo   (only a tiny bit on a BLT)

Creamy hot foods with sauces  (maybe a tiny sauce dish of mac & cheese)

Sushi - really???  Raw stuff?  Just no.

Creamy fluffy desserts - hate Cool Whip

Fishy type fish.  (only like mild fish)

I could live without ice cream but I like a few bites

Casseroles - just no (I need to identify my food)

No 'beige-ish" food.  


boiled dinner






fresh fruit and vegetables - all of them 







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@Pook wrote:

Any condiments - mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, etc!  Also anything with onions!! 


You have no idea of how good it makes me feel to find someone else who doesn't like any condiments.   I've never liked them.  


Like you, I'm also not fond of onions.  I can eat the green onions on the stem by dipping them in a little salt.  But onions on a sandwich or pizza or in any prepared food is a big no for me.

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Menudo and tamales are the ONLY Mexican foods I can't eat

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