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Re: Popular Food

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@QVCkitty1 Unfortunately for my waistline, I love nearly everything. The two things I struggle with are cilantro and pickled herring. I've been able to overcome my aversion to cilantro, because I love Indian cooking. The pickled herring, not so much. Come to think of it, I'm not so sure how popular pickled herring is....?

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Celery, lamb, and anything curry. 


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I don’t like to eat mushrooms but, I like mushroom gravy .... I don’t like yogurt, cottage cheese, blue cheese, beans except backed beans, turkey & most fish.... if I sat here long enough the list would be a lot longer 🥵

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Coffee and hot tea
Any and all seafood
Dark meat chicken
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Not a fan of gravy...............yuck.

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I eat what I like, not influenced by what is popular or what someone else dislikes.

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I'd rather stick a  H O T  pin, directly in my eye, than eat fast food of any kind from any outlet.

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I do not like Asiago or Feta cheese.😐



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Fried Foods