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@chessylady wrote:

Just liver🤮

@chessylady   In our 47 years of marriage, liver was the only food I refused to cook for my DH.  I used to tease him that even our butcher used a stick to retrieve it from the display case.  

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Most seafood and probably anything that is good for me.

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No organs, oysters, clams, mussels, okra and not a big fan of asparagus, artichokes  black or green olives. 

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I am not picky and love most foods...many foods I love are on people's Yuck list.


I avoid

milk..hated it even as a child

Mountain Dew

Dr Pepper


Foods with gluten...not by my choice, but due to medical condition

fatty or greasy foods

organ meats

some spices like cilantro, thyme, sage

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@IamMrsG To me, liver smells like and tastes like meat that has gone bad. I used to dislike hominy until I got some from Rancho Gordo and prepared it into a soup( no cans involved).

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You all reminded me of a few I left off. I hate mashed potatoes, milk, and olives.

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Eggs, in any shape or form, if they can be seen or tasted in a dish.  I pick out and discard the small bits of scrambled egg in Chinese fried rice, for instance.  Gag me!

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Organ meats, mushrooms, seafood, Cilantro, or any food containing it. It is so strong, it dominates everything.

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peanut butter

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Any condiments - mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, etc!  Also anything with onions!!