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I've been thinking about this on and off all day.  Other than what I've already said, I was trying to think of their favorite things to eat.  It seems like they adopted the taste buds of teenagers their last couple of years.  I knocked myself out making casseroles and nourishing foods, yet these were the things they most liked:



McDonald's hamburgers - the small, original ones

grilled cheese sandwiches

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

ice cream - Mom loved those little sundaes from McD's


chicken pot pie from KFC - full of sodium, but they loved it - they would share one between them

any kind of soup - my dad liked the Progresso hearty ones with meatballs and stuff like that



mashed potatoes

chicken nuggets and fish sticks

lunch meat on hamburger rolls (they were easy to hold and chew)

liverwurst  - blech....

polenta (essentially Italian grits)

white bread - smaller and cheaper the more they liked it

pancakes for dinner - why not?


My point is, don't make yourself crazy trying to provide variety.  The more familiar the food, the better and always opt for soft and easy to eat.

When I would lecture them about nutrition my dad would say, "I'm 93, I must've done something right", lol.


Bless you for doing it, Sammijo. It's a labor of love.  I was stretched to the max for four years, but I'm thankful I had the chance to care for them.  I wish you strength and patience.... lots and lots and lots of patience :-)


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House Cat, I can't thank you enough.  Taste buds of teenagers is so true!  They are in love with chicken nuggets and Subway!  My husband says the same thing to me - don't knock myself out making super casseroles, cause the flavors aren't something they appreciate.


Dad is quite mobile, but very forgetful (not to the dangerous point yet) and my Mom isn't quite mobile enough to cook (uses a walker and can't stand for a long period of time).


Dad at 90 has never had to do a lick of cooking beyond breakfast in his life.  He makes a good scrambled egg and instant oatmeal, but I had to talk him through heating up a Sam's Club large frozen entree yesterday (we've had a whopper snowstorm here in upstate NY and I couldn't get there, even though they are only three miles away).  When my Mom complains that he doesn't know how to do anything, I tell her she's the one to blame!  LOL!


Patience is certainly the watch word here.  I know it will get worse before this stage of their (and my) life is through, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  


Thanks for the list, some are new to me, and I will most certainly make use of it.  

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I'd like to add cooked apples, greens, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli with cheese, twice baked potatoes which can be frozen.

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I'm glad to be able to help.  I'm always envious when I hear from anyone in upstate NY - I think it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Stay safe in the snow.

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@Kachina624   Your recipe sounds so good.   Can't wait to make it.   Sounds like a good old southern recipe, but I don't think you're from the south...   I know it will be good...