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Paging CamilleP

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CamilleP @CamilleP  Did you get a Cuisinart? If so, which model? If you bought something else; what? Do you like what you bought. Any problems? I'm hesitant to get the Custom 14 Cuisinart because there are many reviewers showing photos of this item with a center white thing cracked. Sorry I don't know what the part is called. It's still the most highly rated by America's Test Kitchen and other YouTube channels. It's large though. I wish I could find one with a smaller foot print that is very good and is reliable.

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Hi, @Mindy D sorry I didn't see this post earlier!  I don't log in that often any more, so I missed it until today.  I wound up getting another Kitchen-Aide with a slightly larger/taller bowl than the one that burned out on me, but the same "footprint", so the bowls and blades are interchangeable.  I may regret that choice, but so far the newer

model has been working fine.  The modest footprint of the 5/7qt. Kitchen-Aides was important in my kitchen, so I decided against the Cuisinarts because they are notably bigger.  Hope this helps!