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Re: Now That's Cooking With Jane

Does Jane still have her shoe show on Thursday night?

I really like Jane.   I miss her old Sunday morning silver shows.

She's passionate about everything she presents & seems to be knowledgeable. 


So is she going to have her "cooking" show every Wednesday night?   Isn't that David's night.


@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

I see Jane Treacy has her own new cooking show -- first show is today.  Seems like another kitchen gadget show (Lock & Lock, Kitchenaid, Temptations, etc.). 


Just like The Shop, Kerstin's new show.  It's the same items, just re-packaged shows. 


Only the titles are new. 


But just like TV shows, summertime is ripe for re-runs.  Let's see if the Fall brings new brands and item variety. 




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Re: Now That's Cooking With Jane

Is she in her bare feet?????


Oh, what about a combo show: "Now That's Shoe Shopping and Cooking with Jane!"


Making Sunday brunch? Perhaps a comfy pair of Skechers could be modeled.

Preparing a romantic dinner for two?The perfect pair of high heels for when you've finished that salmon recipe.

Backyard BBQ? Ryka




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Re: Now That's Cooking With Jane

@millieshops wrote:

@luvMyQ  Just way better than any other tv shopping channel.


Otrhers may fall for free shipping, extra flex, etc.  I've gotten nothing outstanding when I've fallen for those lures. 


Not sure what all the complainers really want to buy,  just know it's not what I want.  And that's okay. 



This complainer would like to buy:  good sets of calibrated ladels; better cookward; good kitchen scales; better quality knife sets; good sets of strainers (metal not silicone), unusual baking pans; more metal items and not so much silicone; bundled items like cookie making sets or bread baking tools, things like that are good for gifts; more nice things and fewer little junkie items. 


More about cooking and less about gobbling food. 

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Re: Now That's Cooking With Jane

QVC's cooking shows feature too many junky gadgets and too few quality kitchen tools.  It would be nice if they had a cooking show geared toward the serious cook.  (Although most serious cooks know where to go to get the best deals on the good stuff. Woman LOL)

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Re: Now That's Cooking With Jane

I am glad Jane is hosting cooking shows!  It's a good change!

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Re: Now That's Cooking With Jane

We all have hosts we like to watch and those we don't care to watch 😉.....

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Re: Now That's Cooking With Jane

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@nomless wrote:

@StylishLady wrote:

Selling travel bottles right now. Maybe some cooking is coming?


Cooking is what they don't do on the cooking shows, lol.  Bowersox did, but since then, nope.  David only stirs. 

It's not really a cooking show.  It's a show selling items related to cooking.  Bob was let go and he had his own restaurant but he was boring.  David is fun.  If you're looking to learn how to cook, there are plenty of shows like that or cooking classes to take.