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I wonder why?  Even if it's a theme day ( fashion, etc) they always make time for his show if it falls on a Sun.  Did he mention this & I didn't catch it?

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Because of fashion day according to David V.

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fashion weekend

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Gee, would it kill them to throw in a few shows not about fashion for variety?


Not everyone wants to watch 2 full days of nothing but fashion, I'm one of them, so I just won't watch QVC this weekend.


No problem, my remote works just fine, LOL!.

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They should know that "in the kitchen" and fashion aren't mutually exclusive.  How about a show on fashionable kitchen-wear -- aprons and such?  The New York Times ran an article on this last year:


 "Modern Kitchen Style: More Comfortable, More Inclusive. Companies founded by cooks are designing clothes for all body types as kitchens move away from formal apparel and a boys' club mentality." 


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Might as well, tired of Corky's ribs, coffee machines and kitchen aid


I'll be gone anyway.  over on HSN at 6 a.m. there is a kitchen show featuring Cuisinart Sunday morning I'll be taping




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I thought finally a themed day on a Sunday and no ITKWD.  It could have been moved to Q2 though just for the week.

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we get a break from his happy dancing and stuffing his face for 3 hours

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Personally I am not going to miss the program. It would still be the same kitchen products, Cheryls, Kansas City, Mrs. Prindables, Germack, Corkies etc., etc.,


Still, there really isn't any reason not to have his program. He constantly has things on ITKWD that, in my opinion, are not necessarily kitchen related. Computers, sweepers, that thing with the commode, etc. 


QVC's 70 new products did not include any new food and only one (1l home product. They concentrated more on fashion, accessories, jewelry so that must be where they feel they can improve their revenue. That and electronics.


Mary rejoining David on ITKWD makes me wonder if maybe the sales are declining in the food/kitchen department and because of Mary and David's chemistry QVC thought the two (2) together might draw customers. 


Then again, maybe David just wanted the day off.





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They didn't have a dress in David's size.  Otherwise they'd work it into his show as they always do.

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