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I just got a baby KitchenAid mixer--my first on a long life! I don't particularly 

like sweets, but would love to hear some of your good recipes for other things. No attachments, just the mixer to play with! Thanks!

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I'm so sorry, but I wracked my brain, and even though I've had my mixer since 1980, I can't think of a single non- dessert item that I made with it.

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Too funny - I've fallen for objects that were just too cute to not own.  LOL   I'm here thinking what you can make because I also am not a big sweet eater.  Hmmm    Banana bread - pound cake - pizza dough - rolls - mashed potatoes.  When in doubt I go to Google for ideas and they have lots to offer.  Have fun!

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and more............muffins - - corn & blueberry muffins - anything with oatmeal is good for us - - breadpudding - and I'm still thinking!!!

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I bought mine in 1985 to make bread in, when my wrists gave out. It's ideal for that! 


Also good for mixing meatloaf (gently).


Attachments for slicing and grating cheese are indispensable, or were for me, and grinding meat. 


My son has it now. But he lives 3 blocks away, so we share. Have fun with it!

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Besides the aforementioned mashed potatoes and meatloaf, Ive used my full-sized to shred cooked chicken and pork for bar-b-que.  Learned this tip on Pinterest.


Use the regular flat mixer blade on a low speed.

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Buy some of those cheap bags of cornbread mix, brownie mix at walmart, muffin mix, etc.

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Mixing heavy cookie dough such as chocolate chip cookies. I always use my Kitchenaid for that.

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What's a "baby" KitchenAid mixer?

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@faeriemoon wrote:

What's a "baby" KitchenAid mixer?

I think it's the new 3.5 qt size. I bought it also (it's so cute!) because my 7 qt size is perfect for large batches of yeast dough but too big just for a cake mix or some whipped cream. The small one is great for those items and easier to clean and move around.