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Re: McRib Sandwich

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No thanks. I used to eat them now and then, a long time ago, but not anymore.  I make my own pulled pork. That way I'm in control of what I'm eating - real meat and sugar free bbq sauce.

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Recently had Burger King and KFC for lunch because my kitchen is under construction.  I ordered a cheeseburger and it was so small, like a slider size.  My husband and I each order a 2 piece white meat chicken meal from KFC and the portions sizes were also very small.  Pay more, get less.

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I am surprised so many on the boards had a negative experience. I like the sandwhich and thought it may be nice to share it with fellow McRib lovers. 

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I always look forward to the McRib's return and will be sure to enjoy a few when they become available again.   

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Both DH and I had the same reaction, it was so bad we threw them out.  The kicker was we weren't even together when this happened.  

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I was never into them as I thought the smell of the McRib was foul.  

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You couldn't  pay me to eat one of those 

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They taste like hot dogs

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One of my food reviewers for fast food on youtube says in his program this morning that this is supposed to be the McRib's last year ever.  He has loved them in the past but said this morning that this one is horse-hoofy.  Not good.

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This is not something I'd be inclined to try.