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Me too totally love the 4th burner pot. Mine stays on stove and use it every day for, quick steaming veggies, boiling eggs, heating soups, boiling anything rice, pasta, hot dogs. Oh and filling my Keurig during the day. Also that fabulous multi function can opener and kitchen shears all by Kuhn Rikon a company I never knew until he brought them. I think Mark Charles is a wonderful host/vendor and brings great items to the Q. He explains all details and functions of an item very well.

The 4th burner pot is essentially an asparagus pot -  Mark Charles's group penned the new name. I have one from a b&m and have never used it for asparagus!! I use it so often-- for everything mentioned....

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I enjoy him so much, no matter who the host is.  He is a breath of fresh air as is Marie Louise.   QVC has winners with MarkCharles and Marie Louise Ludwig.  Wonderful personalities.  

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I really like Mark Charles and love the way he and David play off of each other ..This relaitonsihp has obviously grown very comfortbale over the years and it is clear that they are having fun.. 


I must say, i find it very sad and unsettling that grown adults start threads about how they dont "like" someone they dont even know..Not a product, but a person...In an era where we are trying to teach our kids not to bully, and the large part of bullying these days comes via the internet and social media, I find it  a bad example to set.


With all the tragedies happening these days in the world, and people asking "Wh and What Went Wrong"?, I think one of the first things we can look at is our MANNERS..Yes, you have the "right" and the "ability" to post anything you like, I suppose, but stop first and ask yourself WHY? What good will come of this, other than me personally, venting? If a post causes harm to someone, I say, lets not do it. The audience that can see these things is potentially in the millions, and that is a lot of negativity to be floating around...


This is not an opinion on whether a skin cream works or whether that  shade of red is more orange or violet, this is a personal attack, pure and simple, I wish more popele would remember that adage of our youth "Ifyou cnt say somehting nice about someone, dont say anythingat all" Our parents and grandparents did it. even before such ideas fell under the term "PC"..


Perhaps we should take a lesson from it

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Re: MarkCharles Misilli ugh

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@Simple shopperwrote:

Forget about judging..

His product was great! How do you buy his bag sealers now?

So you bumped a thread from three years ago just to complain about it?

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