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Me too totally love the 4th burner pot. Mine stays on stove and use it every day for, quick steaming veggies, boiling eggs, heating soups, boiling anything rice, pasta, hot dogs. Oh and filling my Keurig during the day. Also that fabulous multi function can opener and kitchen shears all by Kuhn Rikon a company I never knew until he brought them. I think Mark Charles is a wonderful host/vendor and brings great items to the Q. He explains all details and functions of an item very well.
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On 1/29/2015 Trix said:
On 1/29/2015 05gage25 said:
On 1/29/2015 Krimpette said:

I'm shocked! I don't believe I ever heard a complaint about him before!!!! I think he's delightful. I've always enjoyed his presentations.

{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} me, too!

Add me to the above. Mark Charles is not presenting $400 blenders, but rather kitchen gadgets most people will find a use for ... including those whose idea of cooking is opening a can.

I love his 4th burner pot!

Add me too! He has a real passion for what he does and tries so hard. All he wants to do is create useful products that help the customer out. And he does it well.

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One thing I like about Mark Charles' presentations is that he gets right to the point with simple demonstrations, no drawing things out. And the items he presents are interesting and do seem practical.

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Chalk me up as another on Team MCM!

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He knows his products, well.

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FleurFairy, it appears you are definitely in the minority here. Better luck next time.

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On 1/29/2015 swanfan said:

I enjoy In The Kitchen with David when Mark Charles is on. His products are useful and unique. He does a great job demonstrating them. He also has a wonderful sense of humor. I get a kick out of his complaints about Dave's Trivia questions. That's what keeps the show alive and fun.

Add me to this list please.

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I think MarkCharles is a good presenter, and some of his gadgets seem useful but most of them are, IMO, "just more stuff."

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I enjoy him as well - if he is presenting something I am not interested in, I change the channel like I do with every show I watch. I also like Eric that comes on with a lot of different items - I find both those men fun to watch.